Ban Lead Wheel Weights

It is time to ban lead wheel weights in the United States! Why?

  • Lead is dangerous - Lead on our roads can end up in our drinking water
  • There is virtually no cost difference between lead and non-lead wheel weights
  • Non-lead wheel weights are as easy for mechanics to use. No new tools or skills are needed
  • Banning lead wheel weights will increase demand for non-lead and will further lower their cost

Seven states have already banned lead wheel weights. Let's do the same in South Carolina. Better yet, let's do it nationwide! As states have banned lead wheel weights, the use of non-lead has gone up.

Let the Environmental Protection Agency know you support a ban on lead wheel weights and want them to consider lead a toxic substance!

April 13, 2016 - SC S. 1231 introduced in the Senate
Thanks to our own Senator Ross Turner of Greenville County and Senator Katrina Shealy of Lexington for sponsoring a bill to ban lead wheel weights in South Carolina. We appreciate their support! The bill has been assigned to the Medical Affairs Committee, and we look forward to testifying when the bill is considered.

March 23, 2016 - SC H. 5141 introduced in the House of Representatives

Thanks to our Greenville County Legislative Delegation members, Representatives Bruce Bannister, Mike Burns, Chandra Dillard, Leola Robinson-Simpson, and Phyllis Henderson for sponsoring a bill to ban lead and mercury wheel weights in South Carolina. We presented to the legislative delegation and asked them to consider this ban to protect our waters and the health of our citizens. We applaud these legislators for their leadership and their interest in our well-being!

Protect our lakes and rivers from lead waste.

Ban Lead Wheel Weights

in South Carolina

and across the U.S.!