Everyone needs balanced tires for a smooth ride. But do you know how wheels are balanced?

To the left, you can see a picture of a wheel weight. Wheel weights are clipped or glued to a tire or wheel when your wheels are balanced. wheel weights can be made of steel, zinc, and other metals. but often, wheel weights are made of lead.

Why is this a problem?

When you hit a bump or curb or when you take sharp turn, a wheel weight can fall off.

Mechanic balances a tire at the Tire Exchange in Mauldin, SC

About Lead Wheel Weights

Then cars can run over it and wear into pieces in as little as 2 weeks. When it rains, it can get washed into storm drains and end up in our rivers and streams. Lead is very toxic to humans. We don't want that in our drinking water!
Many people have tried multiple ways to get lead wheel weights out of the environment. Seven states have banned the use of lead wheel weights. Car manufacturers don't use lead wheel weights any more, and national tire retailers don't sell them.

But if you go to a local shop or service center, it is possible that they will give you lead wheel weights. So what can YOU do?

Ask your Representative to support H. 5141. And just ask for non-lead wheel weights! They cost the same, they install the same, and they give your car the same performance.


Ban Lead Wheel Weights